Demonstration or Disturbance??


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One Saturday I spent the entire day confined in my home, mainly due to the fact that I cannot go anywhere without being worried of wearing the wrong colour shirt or stuck in the insane jam or being kept out from certain zones. Lastly I chose to sleep in, washed my clothes, cleaned and mopped my house, changed my bedsheets and spent time with my two girls whilst praying that my son is save and does not venture outside his hostel and get caught in the patriotic efforts of some parties.

I remembered too well how it was when Malaysian wanted to reform the government or themselves (whichever applicable). There were FRU trucks every where, police was every where, angry mob of people were every where and there was chaos every where. A colleague was stuck in a McDonald’s restaurant because outside the procession and chaos started. Then some “passionate” fellow wanted to make his point started to little fires and then people started to get fueled up by this act of defiance and think they too, wants to make their points across.

While all the commotion were going on, thousands of innocents get caught in traffic jams, unnecessary roadblocks, checks by policemen, harried people rushing around and worrying about their loved ones. I for one do not support this type of protest simply due to the fact that I find this act as nuisance. There are other methods of making your views known. Violence is not the answer. Even the Holy Prophet does not condone violence. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) commanded: “O! People do not wish to encounter the enemy; from Allah wish for good health and when you encounter them, be patient. Know that heaven is under the shadow of the swords.”

Dr. Mustafa Agirman writes “in His Social Life”, …in Islam war is not waged to shed blood, gain land or for booty. All of these goals are forbidden. War is just one part of the great and sacred movement, jihad, a word meaning struggle, which encompasses every struggle from the personal to the national. That is jihad is the struggle to make the laws of Allah prevalent in accordance with His will. It is a movement that will continue until the Day of Judgment; it is incessant. Yet, sometimes in the sources the term jihad is used to denote war, implying that jihad can include war; but we must remember that the words battle and war do not contain the complete meaning of jihad. The struggle held against the enemies of Islam who prevent jihad is war…

Honestly, I do not see that having a “cleaner” reformed electoral system effects the Muslims in Malaysia. And certainly the procession was anything but peaceful. In fact, since the idea originated from the lawyer who defended an apostate is an irony to the whole “jihad” idea. To me the whole episode is just a play scripted by individuals who very obviously have their own agenda to fulfill. But then again, this is just MY thought.

For those who REPRESENT the people, stop and listen to the words and thoughts around you. Stop being offended when in defence. It only adds oil to troubled waters. If there are